15 Spots To Chill In Hong Kong On A Short Trip
Hong Kong is a city that runs like an independent state, much like Singapore, except that we are a country that runs as a city. Hong Kong is a city I kinda grew up with. Most times, I would have a familiar face who would bring me around. I was here in the early 90s, where I saw the hilarious sight of the illegal hawkers waiting patiently in the shadow with their cart load of merchandise. They were standing blatantly in full view of the patrolling police who ignored their presence, after all, if they were not selling their wares or food, they were not offending the law. The same policemen, as if like clockwork dolls, would automatically dispense when the magic hour struck. And you could see the hawkers sprung into action before the police barely cleared the streets, pushing their carts onto pavement and frantically hollowing their offers of the day to the ready crowd. The crowd swelled around these carts, knowing well that the illegal hawkers were now legal by the mere stroke of clock hand. I was here again in 1997, witnessing that significant moment of Handover to China, holding the same thought as the Hongkongers as we wondered what changes would precede. I am glad to say that if there were changes, it was not drastic enough to distract me from my gleeful eating and shopping experience as I cruised through Hong Kong in the millennium. Now, Hong Kong is definitely different from the past impression I had. You do not need to know Cantonese to survive here anymore. Domestic airlines from Korea and Philippines fly here now. Just like how Singapore has changed, Hong Kong has changed too. I almost wish both have not developed so much so fast. This trip to Hong Kong is supposed to be a short holiday to recharge with mindless eating and shopping. Thanks to Sofeene, our friend who relocated to Hong Kong 14 years ago, this trip is peppered with nostagia, as we check out the new and old. Here are 15 places you may want to pack in a speedy visit here.
Posted by Catherine Cheok
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