These are the best cantinas in Mexico City
You can go to cantinas for many reasons: to eat delicious food, to get a history lesson, to read a book and relax by yourself, or to share a few hours with friends. Cantinas are establishments for drinking and eating and typically have full liquor bars along with the typical Mexican beers: Victoria, Corona, Modelo, etc. They sometimes have a few barstools, but are primarily furnished with plastic tables and chairs. At some, you order a specified number of drinks and get access to everything you can eat from the menu of the day. At others, you get snacks or a small plate with each drink. They’re busiest between 4 and 7 pm, and are closed by midnight. Cantinas have been part of Mexico City’s history since the 1800s, so many have legends attached to them, such as birthing a beloved Mexican singer’s career or being the bullfighter’s hangout. Traditionally spaces for only men, some cantinas still feel unfriendly to females. But ladies, take note: I visited all these cantinas as a solo female and was perfectly welcomed. In the cantinas on this list, you’ll find a cross-section of the city’s population hanging out, from young punks to old folks and from locals to tourists. Groups of friends often frequent cantinas together, but it’s also normal to go by yourself; take a book and settle in. No one will blink an eye.
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