Where to see the coolest subway art in Stockholm
The underground stations of Stockholm are nothing but splashes of colour, sassy sculptures and intriguing illustrations. Each novel stop displays shapes and designs in what seems like a gamut of art forms. It's as if someone has dropped a set of crayons down a rabbit hole, then used them on the walls. Besides the wall murals; the underground platforms display mosaics, reliefs, rock formations and engravings. There are a dearth of plaques and sculptures set in its confines, all inducing a modicum of curiosity and bewilderment for bystanders. Consequently, the stations of over 90 themes, span most stations and is considered to be the longest art gallery, globally. The network has existed since 1950 and now amass exactly 101 stations. All but one are in operation. My curiosity piqued when I had word, the Stockholm subway was something more than just a means to get from A to B. Reasons for their formation vary, but one theory is that artists wanted to avoid associations with the underworld and darkness. As a result bolt, eye-catching displays have been one of the most illustrious sights of Stockholm.
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