Bali spots health freaks will love
Ubud may have been my playground, but Canggu is totally new to me. Although I have been hearing about Canggu since four years ago as the next THE place to check out, I did not know if it would have all the X factors that make me feel at home like Ubud. Luckily, I came to know Jacq who calls Canggu her second home. Jacq has been sharing much about this younger and more laid-back community of Canggu compared to Kuta beach for some time. Looking at how my body had gone to waste this year with all the stress and lack of exercises, the real deal breaker was a faint hope that a few days of surfing and sunshine might bring me back to my former self. With this game plan, I decided to join her last minute at her hangout after her triathlon in Bali. Sadly, a sculpted physique still remained a forlorn dream for me after the trip; but this short weekend escapade had done enough to wow my inner health freak. My busy mind is already making plans on making a longer return trip for a self-prescribed bootcamp experience early next year! Note: there are plenty more CrossFit gyms and boot camps, health food cafes etc found within Canggu district that I am not able to list these here. Hopefully I can check these out and introduce in greater details for my next trip.
Posted by Catherine Cheok
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