Brent Ross's question in Mexico

Stay / Outdoor

Hey my buddy is going to Cozumel in May. Any ideas for golfing, fishing, and surfing that I could pass along? Or any other suggestions for a 5 day visit? Also, best places to stay for a dude who doesn’t need luxury hotel but wants beachfront. Thanks!!

Hey Brent, check out for non-luxe, unique spots to stay in the area. Are you sticking to Cozumel, or willing to check out Belize and or the rest of the Yucatán?
Hey that’s a cool site - I definitely need to use that! Thanks! I think my buddy is probably staying around Cozumel this time...
Ah ok, was going to suggest some cool spots on the peninsula. I’ll reach out to a few folks who live on cozumel to see if they have suggestions and will pass along!
Don’t know Cozumel too well — was going to suggest some hideaways on the peninsula — but will ping some friends who live on the island!