Hannah Cabeza's question in South Africa


Hey all! Im taking a trip to South Africa alone in June for 2 weeks. Any tips for a female ? Would it be better to take someone?

Hi Hannah. Which city so you plan on being in? As long as you're street-smart and keep to public and not secluded areas you'll be fine. As to taking someone with, it's always fun to share adventures, as long as it's someone you really get along with. If you need any advise on cape town feel free to ask:)
Im volunteering to nurture orphaned wildcats in Cape town but im landing in JHB. im staying in the closed in sanctuary part. I dont know anyone who has the time or money to travel with me!
Hi Hannah Lara hit the nail on the head, just come & enjoy our beautiful country ?
You're young and travelled so I'm sure you'll do just fine on your own. Cape Town is beautiful and if you're active there's loads to do. Hikes. Walks. Enjoy the beauty. Pity in June though as it's winter. Hopefully you'll get a few says of decent weather. FYI we have radical water restrictions in place at the moment due to drought.
I did in fact read up on the drought! Sould i move it to a closer time like march?
March would be way better weather!
Totally agree with the comment about weather in March!