Dayana Aleksandrova's question in United States


What's your favorite comfort food???

Pizza or Soul food
Ahh how I miss soul food! What's your fav dish?
Honey fried chicken, collards, baked mac&cheese and of course corn bread ?
Soft beans
Definitely pizza, but I'm a native NYer. Also tapsilog with garlic rice, which is a Filipino dish. My Grandma's mac and cheese and grits and bacon, and finally my great aunt's pierogis
@laurie that. sounds. Amazing
oh, never heard of that dish! And pizza for surrrre
how do you cook them? Any spice?
There are some great places to try tapsilog in NYC, if we can ever get back to going to restaurants again
Amy Ruth’s is one of my favorite places to get it- def is a place you should try ?
Curry and rice. With lots of spices and real hot :)