Mark Hanna's question in United States


Looking to plan a last minute multi day hiking trip to Denver the week of may 7-12. I’ll be going solo so... anyone want to plan something ? Or does anyone know of a tour company I could go with?

Hey Mark - if you are open to solo hiking in general, you could skip the tour company and hike sections of the Colorado Trail. It starts in Watertown canyon just west-southwest if Denver and goes for 500 Miles. If you want, I could tell you specific segments that would be fun and would fit your needs (open to snow or looking to avoid snow?)
Brent has a great idea with the Colorado Trail. The weather has been warm enough that you wouldn’t have too much snowpack at the lower elevations if you started at Waterton Canyon. There is also some good trails that you could do for day hikes from Boulder or Silverthorne. Do you have an idea of elevation or trail preferences (weather conditions)
I think I’m probably going to wait till another time to go to Denver. But I appreciate all the advice and tips!
If you do make it out this way let me know I’m an avid hiker and can point you in the direction of, or join you on, some great trails.
Thanks! I def want to get out there soon!