Augustin Romaneschi's question in United States


Is there anything to do in Denver? The nature is accesible easily?

Nature is very easily accessible from Denver. About 25 minutes West is the start of the mountains. Many trails and views around there. About an hour West and you are wel into the mountains. Or go northwest up past Boulder or into Rocky Mountain Natuonal Park. Where to go depends on whether you want easy/touristy or more remote/difficult nature.
Accessing the mountains depends if you have a car or not. If you do then had some solid suggestions. If you're staying in Denver there is a ton to do...great food and brewery scene - maybe be more specific with what you like to do?
Hey thx for the answer. I have no car but I love to go outside and do sport (run, trail, ski, kite). Is it possible to do one of them in beginning of November
Two ski resorts are open already...A Basin and Loveland. They are the closest to Denver and you could definitely get a shuttle. Washington Park and Cheeseman Park are great for running. If you want to hike you'd have to arrange transportation to the foothills...about 30-45 minutes from downtown.