Michelle F.'s question in Indonesia

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Hi again! After being in Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur I will be heading to Bali, I was thinking of renting a car since there aren't mayor buses or trains from what I've read, would this be a good idea? Is traffic really as bad as I've been reading? I am not a fan of scooters or motorcycles (even if were to just ride on the back, I get really nervous). I wanted to make my way up towards the northern part, or at least stay in ubud and down by seminyak or by nusa Dua. Im open to any suggestions whether it's expensive or not.

There are a few places where the traffic is extremely bad, as people don't follow the rules as much so driving can be a problem. I rented cabs for full day at about 500000 IDR and felt it was more convenient that way. In the evenings the traffic is particularly bad near kuta and ubud.
Abhishek is right. I forgot the price but you can easily split the taxi cost with other travellers. Uber was also an option when I was there.
I found car rental very cheap around here, the driver usually very helpful and polite. I would give it a big thumbs up
Get the Gojek app. I’d hire a driver in Ubud. In Seminyak, a scooter is going to save you alot of time.
Awesome! Thank you all!!