Noelle Salmi's question in Peru

Attraction / Outdoor

My friend and I will be in Aguas Calientes in a couple of weeks. We are deciding whether to hike up to Machu Picchu in the early morning or take the first (5:30am) shuttle up. We have tix to hike past Machu Picchu (we got Montaña Picchu, as Huayna Picchu was already sold out), so we’ll already be doing some hiking. Just wondering if the hike up from Aguas Calientes is worth it, since we may arrive too late for the sunrise anyway? Appreciate any advice from those who’ve been to Machu Picchu!

Thanks, Emil! Wayna Picchu is already booked but we are going to the other overlook. Bus up then hike down sounds like the way to go!
I second Emil, you'll need your energy for MP mountain. BTW, people start lining up for the first bus like at 4am. You should also bring your passport as they'll stamp it for you. Buen viaje.