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Going to Portugal for Christmas. Advice for a solo traveler?

Lisbon (with a day trip to Sinatra) and especially Porto are absolute musts. And definitely spend a little time in Coimbra, it’s absolutely delightful! Coimbra
I’ve got lists on my profile about about Lisbon and Porto and a spot about Coimbra if you want to check them out. I tried to post them here but having trouble. Anyway,you will fall in love with Portugal, it’s irresistible!
Definitely if you like the beach and beautiful scenery, the Peniche area is great. However it’s not like the Lisbon and southern areas in terms of tourism. It much more relaxed and easygoing. But it had beautiful things like the city of Óbidos and many hidden but beautiful beaches. Just check the… 
I went to Lisbon in early January. Here is a list I made.