Blaze's question in Mexico

Nightlife / Outdoor

I'm headed to Cabo this weekend! I love the beach but I'm looking for other fun things to do during the day. Any suggestions? Also, what are the best bars to hit up?

Definitely recommend renting a jeep! It’s pretty cheap and you can go cruise tons of backroads and find secluded beaches!
Hey, Blaze! Great choice visiting Cabo, specially since you're willing to go other routes than just beach! Renting a jeep, as Adam suggested, is a great option here. We just had a couple of storms so that means that water is flowing beautifully in the canyons in the skirts of he Sierra. An hour… 
Wow! Thanks for the responses and !! Sounds like there are so many great activities to get into. I'm stoked!
+1 on the Cabo Pulmo suggestion...spent our honeymoon there and it's magic.
Sweet. Thanks I'll definitely check out Cabo Pulmo
Wow I am now planning a trip to Cabo. Amazing answers here.
were there recently, maybe they have some suggestions too