Dayana Aleksandrova's question in Morocco


Any recommendations on where to get authentic food in the city and any dishes to try? ?

Jemaa el fena or . Budah bar ;)
Fir authentic Moroccan/local food, one of the many places that sell food in the souks. Remember to negotiate the price.
Even for food? Ahh, I'm so bad at this! Any tips on negotiation?
Thanks ! Any tips on good markets to visit? I love spices and little jewelry pieces
The stalls in Jemaa el fina are great, tons of choice. I've also done a cooking course whilst there, good fun, you go around the local markets buy supplies then go cook it.
Hey Dayana, are you there now? Try and head up to one of the rooftop cafes on the main square at around 4.30/5pm to secure a seat. It’s great for people watching and is a welcome break from the chaos below :)
They have *tons* of stalls in Jemaa El-Fna in the evenings with lots of local food options. Snails are a thing can find several vendors steaming them in the square nightly!
I thought the food prices in the square were set? Many have menus that they will shove in your face lol. But *everything else* is a negotiation.
great advice,Susie! Did that last night, it got super crowded after, thanks!