Max Härtinger's question in Canada

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for all the canadian adventurers out there: any tips while traveling from vancouver to calgary? besides the classics. im looking for any secluded or less traveled spots to surprise my girlfriend ✋

if anyone wants to meet along the way message me !
My biggest advice is to get off the #1 highway. Drive the whistler pemberton route through lilloett on to Kamloops. Detour south to the Kootenays and hit up some of the hot springs (both paid and hike in). Then from Nelson make your way back north to get into th Rockies as while they maybe busy… 
Carmelis Farm is a great place to do some goat cheese tasting and check out the goats. They also have some great lunch options and gelato.
It’s in Kelowna
The Yellow Deli is an eclectic little cafe in Nelson
Sidewinders Coffee Co in Nelson offers a delicious breakfast and has a fantastic rooftop patio
Yes hit up Nelson!! Its an amazing place!
If you guys are into hiking, take a couple hours and hike up kokanee mountain. Kokanee lake is a must see along the hike... Crsytal clear water!