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What are the most mazing and adventurous 4 places must see in Reno ? Thanks in advance

The climbing wall at Whitney Peak in downtown is a must see/do, and rafting or tubing down the Truckee River in the summer
Thanks Kristin! What else for two more days ? I'll be driving from seattle heading to Reno for a week roadtrip
Definitely make time to visit Lake Tahoe, it's only 30-40 minutes from downtown. If you like to hike, the Mt Rose summit is great, you get a view of Tahoe, Reno and Washoe Valley. Grab drinks at Death and Taxes, Rum Sugar Lime or one of the local breweries (Pigeon Head is awesome). And too many good restaurants to list!
Awesome! Will do! I don't drink but will do the rest ❤
I hope you have a great trip and enjoy Reno! There's also a ton of public art so just wandering around town is an adventure. :)
Hey Ahmed!! The Truckee River Walk has some great art pieces to check out also at the Reno Playa Art Park. There's beautiful murals in midtown. If you're there on a Friday Food Truck Fridays are a blast and there's live music. I think the Nevada Museum of Art is a fantastic museum. For food Centro,… 
It's been a longgggg time since I stepped foot there but recall Reno Arch over the road displaying the caption 'The Biggest Little City In The World'. Find it on the intersection of Virginia Street and Commercial Row. It could be a bit of fun to get some selfies by it (if you're the type). Truckee…