Mandavi Jaiswal's question in Mexico

Outdoor / Family

I am here today and it seems most attractions are closed in Mexico city on Mondays. Any quick suggestions on outdoorsy things to do today in Mdxcio City? We are put up in downtown

Chapultapac Park. It's large and has a lot to see and do. Good luck!
You can head south to Coyoacán. It’s 20 minutes from downtown and it’s quite nice this time of the year. It’s like a small town in the middle of the city and there are plenty of restaurants, bars and cafes all around the place.
You can visit the Basilica de Guadalupe on the north of the city or take a tour on a Hop on Hop off bus to get a general view of Mexico City
Chapultepec might be closed today.
It is closed infact Rulo
Thanks guys. Walking to the concierge desk right away to understand these