Kevin Colaço's question in Mexico

Food / Attraction

First time in Mexico City this weekend and was planning on a lot of walking to take in the architecture and trying tastes of street food. Please share your tips and advice.

Kevin, Odette Herrera is the DF expert. Let me share some of her itineraries
Thanks Dayana, these are great and extremely helpful.
I would pretty much just follow Odette Herrera :-)
There is also a free Walking tour, which guides you through various neighborhoods and murals and such. A good starting point to pick out what you want to explore in depth later.
Ranjani great advice, I saved just about all her tips. Her information is pretty incredible.
It will be put to good use!
I stayed downtown right across from the park. During the weekend the park is filled locals and food vendors on a large scale.
Museo de Arte Popular has a magical collection of folk art. I’d also recommend catching a performance of Ballet Folklorico, it was by far the highlight of my trip to Mexico City!
Thanks Sherree we are at the Hilton Reforma and the parks there are amazingly vibrant and a street food mecca. Using the rule of if there is a huge there
Thanks Margaret, I'll have to check it out