Alice Latham's question in Netherlands

Attraction / Food

Heading to Amsterdam next week for 3 days. Looking for recommendations on what to see/eat/do and, of course, your favorite coffee shops! And...Is it worth doing the Van Gogh museum and Anne Frank’s house or are there more interesting museums?

Go to Van Gogh museum but first read up on the movement “Expressionism” and why it came to be and the experience will be profound. Understanding why Van Gogh distorted lines and used manic colors in order to more accurately express inner turmoil and suffering had never been done before in painting.… 
thanks friend! 😎
Any museum is worth visiting. Those two, too, are interesting and good, detailed suggestion from . The red light district is squalid and sad. Unfortunately, it's in a pretty area of town. Otherwise, roam around and walk along as many canals as possible. Also nice it's a tour by boat (i… 
Definitely do Van Gogh and the Ann Frank house! We also visited the Sex Museum in Amsterdam when I was there years ago. It’s definitely not a traditional museum and I saw things in there waaaay more interesting/disturbing than in the Red Light district 😂😂😂 I