Yassin Maximus's question in Morocco


Who like wild places and enjoying in the whole desert. And forget the moderne life for a little bit ?? and back to the simple life and doing miditation and listening to the winds between the golden dunes ????

Are you looking for a suggestion on such a place or are you saying Marrakech is this place?
Im describing a magical place :) in the desert . And im living in marrakech .
Great! The best way to use the Q&A feature, however, is to ask for tips or invite people to a particular event (I often post invites for a dance class for example)
Yes i guess so! Thanks anyway dayana ✌??
Hi Yassin, what are the best outdoor adventures in Marrakech?
There's a lot of beautiful places in there. But i recomande to you the bigg square jemaa el fena and the old medina!
what's the best way to stay in the western sahara? Is there a campsite or how does accommodation work around the area if you're familiar?
Im not living in sahara btw! ;) sahara is not far from me and its amazing place to spend good time and to find your self in peace . And the accommodation is amazing .peacful people and wonderful site . Ask me anything you want to know ^___^
lol that's what I said - know a good place to stay at??
Okay ^__^ im basicaly in a small city named the hoolywood of africa . Because it has lot of studios with amazing wheather its called (ouarzazate) and if you want to go to sahara .let me know when u get in morroco ^__*