Kallie's question in Canada

Stay / Outdoor

It’s my 50 birthday in September would like somewhere warm.

Dominican republic!
Colombia! Great beaches, awesome food, strong history and culture with not too many tourists!
Had a great time in Koh Lipe Thailand. I highly recommend that or the surrounding islands.
Depending how long you are willing to travel for? If it's only for a week, I would definitely recommend Kauai in Hawaii or Seminyak in Bali. Both have amazing clear beaches and warm weather.
Only a week
Hi Kallie! Do you perhaps have a budget? Would love to share a few options. Best, Gabe
Hi Gabriel about 1500 pp
Fantastic suggestions Dayana.
If you would like to enjoy silance and untaoutched nature I heard Cuba may be within a reachable budget. My parents went there last year from Toronto. They went to Pestana Cayo Coco Beach Resort. They were extrrmly happy but again it is more up to how you are and what would be nice for your personality.
So I spoke to my travel agent she I should go Europe. Such as Italy, France, or Portugal.
Your only issue with Europe is your day to day expenses will be higher with the Euro, however I do hear Portugal is relatively cheap still!
Also it is cold in Europe at this moment.