Yiota Kassi's question in Czech Republic


Any suggestions for short trips by train,near Brno, during April? For 1 or 2 nights stay. I've been already in Prague and Budapest. Bratislava is out of question. Thanks in advance☺️

How about heading south towards Mikulov? Mikulov is definitely one of Czech's most scenic, well known little towns. You may need to jump on a bus at some point but the countryside is charming and worth the changes. I took a similar route in reverse having entered from Austria one summer, passing… 
Failing that, I also highly recommend, Olomouc. I've lived in Czechia for over 7 years and I've never heard one bad thing from anyone about the place. Still on my to-do-list and ranked and perhaps one of Czech's prettiest cities, with a very strong university vibe.