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Hi guys! I’m Spanish, new in London! Just if someone would like to meet for a coffee/ language exchange (I wouldn’t mind as it’s useful for my job to improve my English), or any proposal of plan with more people (COVID permitting), just let me know! Btw, I was thinking of going to the Greenwich observatory one day, do you think it’s worth it? Thanks!

Can you speak French Irene? I'm trying to learn that :) I would definitely recommend visiting the Observatory! It offers a picturesque views of London across Greenwich Royal Park, the City of London and the River Thames
Oh no I don’t speak at all French sorry :( Perfect, then I will go there! Just the observatory recommended? I guess it’s the most famous spot in there, but I have seen there are museums around and so... I don’t think they are so much worth it. Thanks!!
I think the museums in the surrounding area are worth a visit too if you have time - I've lived in London for over 10 years so I've managed to visit quite a few over the years, however, if you are short on time then I'd personally recommend you bump the observatory to the top of your list!
Yes! I would recommending spending a whole day in Greenwich. You could go to a museum (maritime/royal observatory or something more obscure like the fan museum), have lunch at the market, visit the cutty sark, see the incredible painted ceiling at the old royal naval college, go for a walk in the park and end up in a lovely pub. Bliss!
Hahahaha actually I’d like to speak less like the Queen and more real life
Sounds really nice Lee-Anne! So I will have a longer time there. Thanks!
Haha don't worry, a couple of months living here and you'll be dishing out London slangs in conversations
London es un crisol de alimentos. In English we say 'a melting pot for gastronomy'. Cast ones vices aside and take a trip into the unknown. High tea in London, if done properly, is an experience to say the least. Take a jaunt into Fortnum & Mason. I will refrain from my voluble commentary… 
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Wow!!! I will check these places, looking really nice actually! Thanks for the recommendations :)
A pleasure! =T