Joshua Chévere Cohen's question in Mexico

Attraction / Food

I’m visiting Mexico City at the end of October/early November which happens to coincide with Día de los Muertos. Does anyone have any food or cultural recommendations in and around the city?

You must go to the lucha libre show at arena México that weekend it’s the best night of the year
That sounds amazing!
Yeah! Go for the Friday show, it’s a must.
Hi Joshua. If you want some cultural recommendation. In downtown(Zócalo) on that days there is a festival about DÍA DE MUERTOS. Maybe in the last week of October beginning November.  Food Recommendations there is a lot of things to eat in downtown’s streets. But if you want Something more private… 
You should visit Mercado de comida de Coyoacán it’s an amazing place to visit great food & drinks also if your downtown Mexico City at el Zócalo don’t miss the opportunity to taste a blue cornmeal Tlacoyo delicious!!!!
thank you! I’ll make note of El Cardenal, but I’m most excited for the street food.
Since you will be there during Día de Muertos you can also visit Frida Kahlo casa azul in Coyoacán
thank you for the recommendations! That Tlacoyo sounds amazing.
You’re welcome I promise you won’t be disappointed Mexico is an amazing place filled with lots of Street food, culture and definitely an amazing place for great place to take some amazing pictures hope you enjoy your experience there
Hi Joshua, I was there in February. Maybe you’ll find this list helpful, it’s a wonderful city!
fabulous list! I’m definitely going to add some of those spots to my itinerary. Thanks! ?