Sebastian Otero's question in United Kingdom

Nightlife / Outdoor

Gonna drive campervan from London to Oxford, Bath, Costwolds and Stratford Upon Avon. Would love any recommendations for scenic drives, pubs, must see sights, hikes, views, subculture, live music, food, anything cool in those areas!

Go to the Peak District
Since it seems you're on the southern Part, Cornwall snd Devon in general. Very pretty landscape. If you go more north, to the Midlands, the Peak District as @Scott Brannon suggested.
And don’t drive on the wrong side of the road Sebastian. Maybe lay off the pints.
Love the cotswolds!
let me know when and we can go grab afternoon tea?☕️
You wont be too far from Avebury (Europes largest neolithic stone circle)
In Stratford try The Encore at the bottom of Bridge Street near The Swan Theatre. Or the Dirty Duck on Waterside. Both I’d recommend!