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What's up travelstokers. What is THE BEST place to stay/look for places in Stinson Beach, California?

My great aunt and uncle used to have a place right on the beach I visited when I was a kid. If you can and it's affordable definitely try to snag a place like that. Some of my best memories were made there. Maybe try Air BNB or Flip Key.
Awesome thanks Paige! I'm bringing my kids. What did you do there when you were a kid? Any suggestions? :)
The best place is in town and called "Oceanic Realty" - they have most of the properties on lock down. Beyond that, Airbnb ...
We used to go to this little book store I believe a short drive away and it was amazing. I know that's not as interesting anymore to kids but we loved it! We also would go swim in the lagoon and chase crabs. Otherwise boogie boarding in the ocean or playing on the beach was always a lot of fun.
The book store I believe is called "Stinson Beach Books." It's just a cute little place but something that's always stayed in my heart.