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How's everyone spending their time at home? I'm cooking up a storm, currently making this beef with almonds and prune sauce that I had in Morocco last month. How about you guys? ?

Well it's a real opportunity to hone our culinary skills, isn't it? I know for a fact many Chinese had been doing the same up until last week. I've been making handmade noodles (Inner Mongolian style) with potato, mushrooms topped with peanut chilli and plenty of garlic. I also took time out… 
that recipe sounds amazing! I'll try to replicate ? and yeah, prunes were a really pleasant surprise!
enjoy! And good luck with concocting these dishes?
Did video conference trivia the other night with some friends. That was lots of fun. Outside of that, processing old photos, cooking/baking, and playing with the puppy!
You have a puppy !!! I envy you ?
Nice, lots of cooking during this period