Mostafa Abass's question in Thailand

Attraction / Outdoor

Hello Im now in Thailand bkk nw in pattaya After 2 days i will come to puket for 5 days but i dont know what the best thing i will do at phuket for 5 days Thanks ??

Hello Mostafa, Phuket is amazing. First you have to go but tours from the street check several ones and see which one is cheaper (phuket is very cheap) 1- phi phi island (you need to book it a tour) 2- james bond island (you need to book it a tour) 3- tiger kingdom (you need to book it a tour) 4-… 
Oh and you are lucky enough they do thai boxing games sometimes you check with the tours bureau.
Thanks sarah i love phuket better than bkk and pattaya i dont like them I do everything u told me it ??