Daytona Beach, FL, United States
Mya Sharizyn
Just as each breath is an experience that testifies to life, each destination is an experience that testifies to truly living. I believe the Earth is a treasure chest with an abundance of magical gifts, and engaging on a journey of discovering them is my purpose in living.
Giving Advice Feng Shui Design, Macrame, Professional Shop per, Exploring places & photographing/writing about them.
Meeting Up Freshen up first! Cafe' eats & talk, City streets stores & eats, Parks walks & classic picnics, Trains, Bridges, Boats, Grill-outs, Wine, fruit & cheese, Meet more friends, Visit the fitness center. Visit the most favored sights.
Interests animals, camping, culture, interior design, kayaking, making memories, music, photography, road trips, street food, tacos