Chiang Mai, Thailand
Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley
Freelance writer for Lonely Planet and other publications. I specialize in culinary travel and am additionally a photojournalist and digital strategist ( for wellness businesses). My family and I are based in Chiang Mai and have been in Thailand for over 5 years. Coming… 
Giving Advice I've been living with my family in Thailand for 5 years, mostly in Phuket. We also lived in Korea and Italy, and I grew up in France and have spent time in other places. I can therefore give you input regarding living abroad.
Hosting Possibly a get together for travel writers, bloggers, and other holistic, creative people. :)
Meeting Up I run a blogging Facebook group with over 20k members across the world, in addition to a large network on Pinterest. So if you ever want to do a blogging or digital nomad meetup, let me know.
Interests beer, being nerdy, eating, movies, photography, street food, tacos, telling stories, traveling, yoga
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