Royal Botanic Gardens
Approximately five kilometres outside of Kandy are positioned The Royal Botanical Gardens. They are without doubt the most gratifying experience of gardens I've come across set in 147 acres of rich flora. In the past there even stood a temple but was destroyed by the British during their rule at the turn of the century. Aside from the budding plant life you can see macaque monkeys dallying around and pruning one another on the bows of the trees. The gardens host a medley of trees and plants with orchids being the main focus. The rich greens and streaks of colour permeating the park make for some great photography opportunities. Cabbage Palm avenue, a line of dozens of meticulously placed palms, is one such place that will give you some fulfilling moments with your camera. Bats, butterflies and monkeys all share the park with the rich flora in abundance owing to a fun filled afternoon in the Sri Lankan sun. #views #familyfriendly #kidslearning #park #funforteens
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