Lugano is the most beautiful city in the Canton of Ticino, that part of Switzerland that speaks Italian. Lugano's tourist postcards have always shown its rich face: luxury hotels, shopping streets and starred restaurants. In fact, Lugano is an expensive destination and you risk spending more than your budget. However, enjoy this beautiful Swiss city without spending a fortune is possible. Lugano has several places dedicated to culture and history, wonderful natural landscapes, paths to explore with long walks and also opportunities for fun on the sand and extreme sports. For example you can visit Piazza della Riforma and historic center, the city living room where tourists and residents go for events, listen to live music or have a chat. The Cathedral of San Lorenzo which unusual shape tells a part of the city story. The church of Santa Maria degli Angioli and what remains of the former Franciscan convent which hides an unexpected treasure. The lake of Lugano, also known as Ceresio, marks the border between Italy and Switzerland and it is an ideal place for outdoor activities or resting on the Lido fine sand. Go to see the Ciani Park or Belvedere Park full with a flowered terrace. The cultural center of Lugano, LAC (Lugano Art and Culture) HOSTS artist and exhibitions and has got an unusual structure. It rests on pillars while the Hall on the ground floor has no walls and can be crossed just like a square. Visit he Cantonal Museum of Natural History and the Cantonal Library, too. Outside the city, a spectacular view of the entire Lake region awaits you on Monte San Salvatore with a Museum of fossils and rocks of marine origin. There is also the funicular to Monte Brè, a real attraction like the village up there. Monte San Giorgio is one of the most popular peaks as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As you can see, there is a lot to move and walk, you will perhaps be a little tired but the Lugano will surely remain in your heart.
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