Kathryn's experience in Muscat
Mutrah Souq
An essential part of Middle Eastern culture is definitely the lively and colourful markets also know as ‘Souqs /Souks’. The Mutrah district of Muscat offers a small yet well laid out souq full of shops selling the quintessential lanterns, frankincense, gold (sadly not Myrrh!) as well as textiles and other tourist items. Haggling is welcome here although they don’t drive such a hard bargain like other Middle Eastern countries. Be aware that most stalls are cash only and will also give better deals to cash buyers. Always one of my favourite parts of travelling to the region. Even if you don’t want to buy anything, it’s free to look and take in the smells and sights. #shopping #free #market #souq #souvenirs
Posted by Kathryn
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