Taste of Raj (Get 20% off online)
Taste of Raj is not only one the most memorable Curry House I've experienced in Twickenham, but London. The owners are from Bangladesh and you can find some national dishes such as beef shatkora or naga curry from North India. I went with the head waiters recommendation of the lamb shatkora. The citrus - named after the dish - is affluent in the Sylhet region of northeastern Bangladesh. It is zesty and piquant. Infused with the curry and meat, the dish works well with those with a taste for acidulous dishes. For me it was an experience and provided me with a lighter alternative to those smooth and creamy curry dishes I'm so fond of. The heat was manageable for my palate, especially given my familiarity of madras or vindaloo. As for the restaurant, it embodies what a curry restaurant in Britain should be like. Comfortable seating, dim lighting, Cobra beer on tap and hot face flannels are all qualities worth noting. Light and fizzy Indian beers are a perfect compliment for cutting though the thick, spicy sauces. This place is no exception to that fact. Service is polite and personal. Even before multiple visits I was made to feel like a regular. Prices are the going rate for what most establishments of this sort would charge. A curry dish will set you back almost a tenner and portions of rice such as pilau; £3.75. The restaurant faces Twickenham green, perfect for a stroll after a hearty curry. #curry #free-wifi #dinner
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