Mirador Base Las Torres
The goal of the W-Trek and, for many, the highlight of their time in the Park, is the view of the Torres del Paine that tower (pardon the pun) over the turquoise mountain lake at their base. The trek to Mirador Base Las Torres can be a challenging one but the rewards, without question, are absolutely epic. The ascent can be quite a grind, passing from high altitude forest to exposed rock faces, so take your time. There are also some magnificent waterfalls, on the opposite side of the valley, that shouldn't be missed. There are many, many different spots along the shore of the lake - plenty of opportunity to find the perfect shot. From the Torres it's a straightforward walk (and all, mercifully, downhill!) to the park exit (close to Refugio Torre Central) and your bus back to Puerto Natales. #chile #torresdelpaine #patagonia #wtrek #goplayoutside #adventure
Posted by Harri Delf
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