Refugio Chileno
Depart Los Cuernos early on day 5 and make your way to Refugio Chileno, high up in the valley approaching the Torres del Paine themselves, where you'll spend the night. All supplies for Chileno arrive via horseback so, during your ascent, keep an eye out for trains of horses along the trail. Once you've arrived at the Refugio you'll have a choice to make: ascend to the Torres (Towers) that afternoon or, alternatively, ascend before dawn the next day. The rising sun shines directly onto the face of the Torres, which makes that option a very popular (and photogenic) one. Generally, however, weather is going to be the deciding factor - check with the Refugio staff and hear what they have to say. Chileno is a simple, casual Refugio (the bar menu specialises in pizza and burgers) and a great place to chill out. If the weather is nice take advantage of the picnic tables, outside, which offer incredible views up the valley itself. #chile #torresdelpaine #patagonia #wtrek #refugiochileno
Posted by Harri Delf
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