Las Fábricas de Francia/Capilla del Arte
I knew this building more like the restaurant VIPS but all changes when the building had repairs made by the university UDLA in 2013 they also inaugurate an art gallery called the chapel of art. It has an art Novo style the metallic structure was brought from Paris by the company Schwartz and Meurer to emulate the design of La Samaritaine a famous department store in Paris. The building functioned as a clothing store for different companies, among them the most renowned factory in France, after a time without using it until 1993, which was renovated as a restaurant and now works as an art gallery on the top and the ground floor of VIPs restaurant and Starbucks. #architecture #gallery #history #artgallery #frenchstyle #vips #restaurant #starbucks #capilladelarte
Posted by Josh Cervantes
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