Dayana's experience in New York City
YOTEL New York
This was my first time staying at the techy, futuristic YOTEL and I loved it! The whole building glows in purple at night and has moldy lighting. Rooms are compact but have space for everything. The beds are ergonomic with memory foam mattresses and you can adjust exactly which angle you want to sleep at. I was on the 22nd floor and had a quiet room with a city view. The screens in each cabin (that's what they call their rooms) double up as a TV and a YouTube streaming screen. There is a 24/7 gym with peloton bikes, treadmills, and weights. There is a breakfast spot open 7-11am that actually has good espresso and breakfast. There's a bar and a restaurant. When you check out, you can use the robot downstairs to securely put your things away in a locker. They offer transfers to jfk too for $70 flat rate. Would definitely stay here again! #nyc #yotel #hotel
Posted by Dayana
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