Lucy's experience in New York City
Edi & The Wolf
The wooden shack that makes up the entrance to Edi & The Wolf promises an escape from Manhattan which is thoroughly delivered from the moment you step inside. Designed to look like an Austrian tavern, the space is rustic yet upscale, and immensely cozy. Much of the decor is created from salvaged materials, include the rope above the bar and the wooden ceiling. The menu is not expansive, but everything sounds delicious, and the Weiner Schnitzel is easily the most popular of the traditional dishes. Everything is beautifully presented, the food is fantastic, and the service is very friendly. Extensive wine list and speciality cocktails round out the experience. It does get a bit crowded, especially at the communal tables, but that community feel is part of the charm - just be sure to make a reservation. #austrian #hiddengemrestaurant #rustic #upscaledining #fine-dining #atmosphere #wine #nycfood
Posted by Lucy
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