Casa Giacopello
The original name of the house is Giacopello and not the house of the dwarves the first owners came from Italy they left the house at the beginning of the 19th century the new owner Rogelio Sáenz, a textile merchant who married a teacher Carmen Jiménez preserve the style of the house. The legend is after the revolution and the best known is that people passing by observed small furniture through the spaces that showed the plates what they could see were small furniture in the backyard and people seeing this thought it was from dwarves, but never saw one, there are other versions of the house but none is true. The truth is that is a beautiful house from the XIX century with a façade in a French style the maxada in golden or ceiling was brought from France in a single piece nowadays the house shows a complete redesign from the interior after some intervention from a Platform of Mexican design. #architecture #history #gallery #legends #frenchstyle #arquitectura #houseofdwarfs
Posted by Josh Cervantes
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