Texas Steakhouse
If there is any off the beaten track destination to degust in Prague then this place easily fits the bill. For steak lovers and meat eating aficionados this spot is just the the ticket. The establishment is cushioned by allotments and the residential district of Staré Malešice is a quiet place to enjoy some decent food and reasonable drinks in a very quiet laid back environment. The family run spot has nothing to prove with quality of cooking easily surpassing presentation and decor. That aside, I like their bar bedecked in licence plates and wood burner adding a real rustic cosy feel to the dining area. In winter the restaurant is closed off as a cabin and come spring is exposed to the elements by an open entrance. Burgers start at about 10 euros and steaks from 12 euros, with a nice local Bernard on tap liquors and soft drinks. A pity there is no ice. #food #dinner #burgers #familyfriendly
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