Located inside mall off Rybná street in the new town district of Prague is a beautifully designed Greek restaurant. It seems to attract stylishly dressed clientele and romancing couples. Tables are set nicely apart from one another and the restaurant does best to recreate a Mediterranean feel despite being inside a half empty shopping centre. Staff are patient and helpful in navigating the menu of some lesser commonly known dishes besides your regular Moussaka and Gyros. Their Trahanas with mushroom ragu was an interesting main I enjoyed with some pita bread and the Galaktobourenko for dessert was truly delicious. This dessert consistes of a custard baked in a thin layer of filo pasty. Think baklava without the overpowing sweetness and stickiness. The dessert, three wines, mains and a delectable fried calamari to start plus side dish of olives came to an affordable 86 euros. Adjacent is a Greek deli market worth dipping into for other Greek delights. #greek #moussaka #wine #fine-dining #food
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