When my friend who's a local said: "let's get cake for breakfast," I thought she was crazy. But then we came, and I realized what the rage was all about. These cakes are homemade and absolutely delicious with their soft base and layers of butter, chocolate, and whipped cream. While a slice of cake might look too sweet or heavy, it really isn't. The cakes are fresh and go amazingly well with a cappuccino or a coffee with whipped cream. Since none of the ingredients are processed, you won't go into a sugar coma and will not crash. There are also cookies and croissants here. The interior is really cozy. We paid 4.50BGN (about $2.50) for a slice of cake. Whether you get one before or after hiking, coming in her on Sunday morning will totally make your day! #bakery #cake #bistritsa #sofia #cafe #coffee #familyfriendly
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