Bistrishka skara
If you're in Bistritsa and want to eat like a healthy, strong Bulgarian, then this is your spot! We love our grilled meat. Here at the buffet, you'll find all the staples - kuyfte, kebapche, and Serbian style triple pleskavitsa. There are also pork chops and fried fish. Get the homemade baked potatoes with dill and feta cheese. For salads, I recommend the spicy orange and red one which both have a spicy pepper base with cheese inside. There's also Snejanka which is yogurt based with dill. Make sure to try the traditional homemade pita bread too. My meal (second photo) cost exactly 6BGN (about $4). You can eat a large portion and very well on the cheap. There is outdoor seating - wooden tables overlooking the village square. If you have trouble finding this spot, it's right next to the bus stop and the pharmacy. There's no way to miss it. #grill #bulgaria #cheapeats
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