Černá Říčka
Černá Říčka lies near the small town of Desná in the east of the Jizera Mountains. Compared to other ski areas in North Bohemia, it's a little off the beaten track. Hitherto, the place attracts mostly locals from nearby towns and villages. Skiers are provided with over half a kilometre of pistes ranging from easy to moderate red grade slopes. It has an elevation of 105 metres to its base and thus offers pleasant views over the valley. Prices are a steal at 290 CZK for the day. What adds to the charm is how you can ski right past rustic, detached houses. The main tow lift leads up to the red and two blue grade pistes. There is a small café and couple of lodges close to the foot of the ski lift. Like most ski resorts around the Czech Republic; parking is free and located directly opposite the entrance. #skiing #mountains #photography #ski #snow
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