Samarkand Restaurant
Nestled in a quiet residential district of Strašnice, Prague 10 lies a well-established Uzbekistan restaurant. I had wanted to go for a while and after this visit, my appetite was fully sated. Allow me to begin by mentioning the lagman; a hearty Central Asian soup filled with noodles and meat. The dish could be adequate in size for a main or as a starter for a diner with a voracious appetite. Peppers, tomato and parsley all went to work on the beef and carbs bringing out a symphony of flavours. The dish was further lifted by the additional chopped chilli you could add. Another memorable starter I opted for was that of the samsa. This is typical grab and go food of the southern steppe. The pastry is stuffed with meat and seasoned beautifully with spices not dissimilar to the British Cornish pasty. The main meal ensued – lamb shashlik. Whilst it is more common for being affluent across Russia and the Caucasus, I was eager to dive straight in and put cultural references aside for a moment. Like with many countries in this region the dish was speckled with sumac, giving it the dash of colour it needed. The restaurant is aesthetically pleasant enough and food arrives in a timely manner with ethnic crockery, napkins and tablecloths. Having scrutinized the menu, Dari the waitress guided us patiently through the menu. Her professionalism and help was appreciated and made the overall experience worth coming back for. Whilst a little out of the way, Tram 5 from most stops in New Town will get you close in under 30 minutes. After alighting the carriage, you're a five-minute walk to the front door. Three dishes plus an eggplant salad and two jugs of compot came to 900 Czech krones (30 GBP approx.) #restaurant #noodles #lunch
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