Trinity College
One of the more scenic parts of the centre of Oxford is Trinity College. Set apart from the throng of tourists flowing all the way off Cornmarket Street into Broad Street, the gardens of this college give you a brief taste of tranquility. The college, which forms a constituent college to Oxford University, accommodates just 400 students and historically have seen three British Prime Ministers graduate from these very grounds. Although the college was founded in the mid-16th century, the history of the land in which Trinity lies was bought by Benedictine Monks from Durham Cathedral. After construction began, it housed them from as far back as the end of the thirteenth century. By 1545, it was rendered to the crown before Thomas Pope, a Civil Servant, took possession of it and converted it to what you witness today. Unfortunately only one building remains from when it was Durham College, which forms the Old Library. I met four jovial Moldovans posing in front of an iron fence and baskets of flowers, marking the garden's perimeter. #photography #gallery #free
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