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Bool Beach
Now the way to this second Secret beach is quite tricky. After our walk from Secret Beach 1, path seems unclear. It was quite a hike up and down 2 villages before you get through this paradise. If you feel uncertain, you can always ask the locals where the road is going to the north beach. My frinds and I took a break and swam here too. Must see, definitely. I find this beach better than Secret Beach I. Bigger, more swimable and better feels. I feel one could camp here if you’re into that stuff. There are no houses near the beach. Better ask locals if you can camp here. Had we known, we would’ve done that. Name: According to the map, the small village is called Bool. I’m naming names here, not sure if this beach is really called Bool Beach. #malapascua #paradise #islandvibes #philippines #travel
Posted by Matt Man
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