Iglesia de la Compañía de Jesús
To see this church need to walk from the avenue Don Juan de Palafox and see the beauty hidden by the leaves of the trees. The style of the church is baroque and Novo classic I like how the facade is divided into two colors white on top and arches in a gray quarry with blacksmithing in black a beautiful combination with two different materials. Inside the church, the altar decorated with images of 12 apostles that look like stone but made of wood. The church also is a tomb to the person who creates one of the dresses that represents the state of Puebla and Mexico the China Poblana. The name is a way of referring to people who came from Asia, she cames from the Philippines and captured by pirates sold lately to a merchant from Puebla. She got married to a Chinese servant another reason to called her as “China Poblana” her original name was Mirra and baptized later with the name of Catarina de San Juan the house where she lived is next to the church, and it has her name. #architecture #church #chinapoblana #history #art #statue #story #historical #tomb
Posted by Josh Cervantes
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