Toppling Goliath Brewing Co
Toppling and Goliath is making their way around the country with the reputation for some of the best beer around, but how is their food? I couldn’t wait to find out. I bellied up to the bar, in their fancy new tasting/dining room, and began to look over the menu. I found that T&G takes traditional and bumps it up, way up!! Items like loaded house made potato chips with house smoked chicken, feta, and Dorothy Lager Cheese sauce (totally midwestern), Caprase salad (totally not midwestern!!), house burger with local Breezy Land Farm’s beef, and Thai Chicken Pizza. Even though these all sounded tantalizing, I had to try the roasted tomato & rosemary hummus with the Charcuterie board. The board was loaded with all sorts of Underground Meat Salamis, which are made nearby in South Wisconsin. There was also a variety of cheeses, house made pickles, blackberry jam, Rover Truck Mustard (made from T&G beer), and beet relish. Everything worked so well together. The salami’s were divine. The cheeses worked with the meats and the blackberry jam, the pickles, the beet relish!!!! I couldn’t get enough. So, yeah....Toppling and Goliath not only has top notch beer but top notch food. #decorah #goodeats #brewery
Posted by Casey Sheppard
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